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The End of Amazon Payments is Nigh

This day has been prophesied since 2010, when Amazon Payments started allowing users to send and receive money from each other. Everyone knew Amazon Payments was too good to be true and that it would

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$20 off $300 worth of Visa Gift Cards at Meijer

Update: I was able to purchase two $200 Visa gift cards with a credit card on all three of my mperks accounts. When you use your mperks, it does not show up as a line item on the screen, it simply takes

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10 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Money

In the points and miles world, we commonly talk about complicated schemes that are ever-changing. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t easy ways to maximize your money. It’s true,

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Targeted $5 off Any Purchase with Chime

I received the above email earlier today and of course the first thing I noticed was the lack of which Chime card this was for, because I have a few. So, I checked which email it applied to and logged

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CashBackMonitor May Not Be Perfect

CashBackMonitor chimed in in the comments and let me know that URM rates vary by card. They are working on implementing a way to show what rate each card is, so hopefully that will be happen soon. For

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