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The Side Effects of Travel… Especially Free Travel

Travel is a drug, there’s no doubt about it. Once you test it out, whether it be from a close friend, a trusted parent, or just peer pressure from a bank that convinced you to travel with their

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The Battle for the Iron Throne

To the banks, we’re all money signs. Nothing more nothing less. In Westeros, we’d be the Iron Throne of the realm with each bank being a contender for that throne. The only difference

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Picking up the pieces of a hacked blog

Picking up the Pieces of a Hacked Blog

Update: Somehow I lost my March 2015 Income and Traffic Report in the process. If anyone has any ideas on getting it back, let me know. Found it thanks to Darrell W. As many of you probably noticed, my

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Sapphire Isn’t as Pretty as It Seems

Chase’s Sapphire Preferred is arguably the most blogged about credit card out there. Why is that, you ask? It can’t be because of the rewards categories – they’re pretty lackluster.

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The Importance of Checking Twice

Now, this is a story all about how my life strategy got flipped-turned upside down… all thanks to my relentless need to check things twice, thrice, fourice – I don’t think that’s

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