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Reselling: Part 5 – Returns

Returns are extremely disheartening when reselling product. They can quickly turn a profitable item into a costly one (depending on situation, of course), which is what this post hopes to help you avoid. If

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Reselling: Part 4 – Portals, Points, and Deals

We’ve now covered sourcing and selling product, so it’s time to add a few more variables into the mix to help your margins increase. If you missed any of my previous reselling posts, you

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Reselling: Part 3 – Selling

Selling product is arguably the best part about reselling, since it tends to be the most lucrative (hopefully). It’s also very satisfying to see the fruits of your labor. This post will not only

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Reselling: Part 2 – Sourcing

So, you’ve studied, digested, and mastered the basics of reselling right? Good. Now it’s time to source some product, because knowing how to resell is useless if you don’t have anything

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Reselling: Part 1 – Intro

I hope my teaser posts have you excited, because the next couple weeks will be filled with reselling tips, guides, and deals. I was a complete novice at reselling in March. I only started to add a little

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