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How Much Is a Free Night Worth?

Most hotel brands offer free nights in exchange for a credit card application, a few paid nights, or even a credit card anniversary, but how much is that really worth? Well, it depends. The value of one

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Sites and Tools I Use Regularly

There are a lot of great sites and tools available to us that can make travel, shopping, and many other things much easier. The hard part is finding all of these great resources in the abyss that is the

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My Experience Canceling a Non-Refundable Hotel Room

Every December, my parents usually take a holiday cruise to escape the Michigan winter. Surprisingly, this winter hasn’t even been severe (knock on wood), but any excuse to go on vacation is a good

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A Few Reminders

With it being Christmas Eve, I didn’t bother putting a full post together, because there’s a good chance many of you are with your families and not reading my blog. If for some reason you did decide

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Why You Need a Budget

Why You Should Have a Budget

In high school budgeting was of no concern to me. I had a part-time job, no bills, and I had a lot of expensive hobbies, so, needless to say, I spent my money frivolously. If I saw something I wanted,

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