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Fight For Ezra

We Need Your Help #FightForEzra

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but do to recent life events, I’m here to plead for your help. On 3/12/19, my 9 month old son, Ezra, was discovered to have a brain tumor. This was a huge shock

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Best of the blog

Best of the Blog

Since not all of you have been around since the very beginning of this blog – Don’t worry, I won’t hold a grudge if you haven’t 😉 – I put together this post detailing my

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Update On My 100,000 Membership Rewards Challenge

About a month ago, I wrote a post called “What to Do with 100,000 Membership Rewards Points.” In it, I talked about my plan to only use the sign-up bonus from my American Express Platinum

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Reader Input Requested

I’ve written a lot of blog posts. Some have been well received, while others just go by the wayside. The latter is what I need your help to fix! Blogging is far from easy. It takes a lot of

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Recent Posts in GIFs

With it being New Year’s Eve and all, I didn’t put together a full blown post. Instead, I put together a list of my recent posts illustrated by GIFs. Enjoy and have a great New Year’s

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