Load REDcard at Target

American Express Redcard

Loading REDcard with a credit card is dead.

Loading REDcard in store is one of the easiest ways to manufacture spend. All you need to do is walk up to any Target cashier ask them to load your REDcard and swipe your credit card on the terminal. It’s that easy!

At the time of this writing, credit cards, gift cards (Visa, MC, and Amex), and debit cards are all accepted at the register. The cashiers do not even ask for ID. They will simply look at the last 4 digits of the card and you’ll be on your way. This will likely not last, because many stores have been known to go “cash only” on prepaid loads, but live it up while you can!

If there comes a time when the cashier says REDcard loads are cash only, simply walk away. There’s no reason to make a scene and bring more attention to this game than their already is.

This card is very new, so many cashiers do not know how to load it. If they have trouble simply guide them through the steps. First, they need to swipe your card. Second, they need to enter how much you want to load. Next, you need to swipe your card and sign the screen. Then, they will enter the last four digits on your card and a receipt will print showing that the transaction was completed.


  • You can load $2500 on your card per day.
  • You can load $1000 per transaction.
  • There have been zero reports of cash advances from loading Amex REDcards. This is likely because these will all appear as Target purchases.
  • Visa codes some Target stores as grocery stores.
  • If your card gets declined, it’s likely a fraud alert, not a fault with Target’s loading system.
  • Target gift cards cannot be used to load this card.
  • Loading a REDcard and purchasing product cannot be in the same transaction.

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