Load Serve at CVS, Walmart, or 7/11

Update 4/4/14: CVS does not allow you to swipe reload Serve with a credit card anymore.

Update 4/24/14: You can load Serve at Walmart now, with a PIN based Gift Card.

Loading Serve at CVS and 7/11 is the most cost-effective way to manufactured spend with Serve. You can load $1,000 per day and $5,000 per month at CVS or 7/11 with a credit card! All you need to do is go to either of those stores and ask the cashier to load your Serve account. You can only load a max of $500 per transaction, so if you want to load $1,000 per day you will need to do two $500 transactions.

I usually say, “Hi, I would like to load my Serve account with two $500 transactions”. They will take your Serve card, swipe it and have you confirm the $500 load. You will swipe your credit card, after which they will match the name on your credit card with your license. They do not look at the name on your Serve card, so that can be in anyone’s name. After they do the first $500 load, they will do the same thing for the next load.

There is a chance the cashier will tell that they only accept cash to load Serve. If that happens, simply leave and try a different cashier, CVS, or 7/11. The registers are NOT hard-coded to disallow loading with a credit card, so this will depend on your cashier.

The Serve loads will appear on your account instantly.

CVS LoadNotes

  • Don’t make a scene. If they do not allow you to load your Serve account with a credit card, be courteous and try again later.
  • These charges are categorized as a drug store on your credit card, so use the card that gets you the most rewards.

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