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Cost of Weekend in Tampa

The Cost of a Weekend in Tampa

I like to make it a point to go over the expense side of every trip I take, whether big or small. That way it gives you (and me) a look at just how much a similar trip would cost in terms of cash, miles,

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Product Review: TravelPro Crew Carry On

Prior to my last vacation outside of the country, I primarily relied on a backpack as my carry on. It served it’s purpose of carrying things from point A to point B, but it left much to be desired. That “carry

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Because it's Cold

“Because It’s Cold.”

These past few weeks have been nasty up here in Michigan. It’s been snowy, cold, and just unpleasant. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the snow, in fact, I find snowfall to be pleasant

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My Experience Canceling a Non-Refundable Hotel Room

Every December, my parents usually take a holiday cruise to escape the Michigan winter. Surprisingly, this winter hasn’t even been severe (knock on wood), but any excuse to go on vacation is a good

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Credit Card Retention Calls

5 Annual Fees, 4 HUCAs, 3 Banks, 2 People, and 1 Unknown

I hate annual fees. They’re an unfortunate burden we have to deal with in this game, but at least there are ways to avoid paying them! In fact, my end of year checklist included a few calls to the

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