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This page is a compilation of sign-up links for portals, banks, and other miscellaneous programs. Most of them will provide you and/or me with a sign up bonus, which I will detail below. I am not compensated for posting these links. In fact, I will not post a sign up link on this page, unless I use the program myself. You do not need to click-through my referral link, however I really appreciate it when you do. Thank you very much for your support!

Ways to Support FHM

  1. Sign up for credit cards using any of the links on our website. These are on the bottom and sidebar of every post.
  2. Sign up for any of the portals or referral programs below.
  3. Use our Amazon link when you shop on Amazon.


Earn Points/Miles with Prepaid Cards

Sign Up LinkSign Up BonusNotes
ServeNoneYou can learn about Serve here.
BluebirdNoneYou can learn about Bluebird here.
ChimeI get $10 when you sign-up through my link.You can learn about Chime here.
These are the tools you need to start manufactured spending!

Earn Points/Miles Through Portals

Sign Up LinkSign Up BonusNotes
TopCashBackI will get a $10 bonus if you sign up and earn $10 in rewards.TopCashBack is one of the most lucrative portals.
ShopAtHomeI will get a $5 bonus after you sign up and make a purchase through their portal in 30 days.ShopAtHome is the best Staples portal, since they give 7% cash back! They also have a 110% cash back deal, where you can earn an extra 10% cash back by finding a portal with a better cash back bonus.
Fat WalletI will earn $5 after you sign up and spend $25 through their portal.Fat Wallet is very reliable and has some great forums!
EBatesYou will earn a $10 gift card and I will earn $5, after you spend $25 through their portal.EBates is very reliable and one of my favorite cash back portals.
Coupon CactusI will earn a percentage of cash back when you earn cash back through their poral.Coupon Cactus is one more great portal you can add to your list.
BeFrugalI will earn $5 when you make a purchase through their portalI have only used BeFrugal a few times, and it has been a great experience.
Mr. RebatesI get a bonus of 20% of your earned rewards. You get a $5 bonus.The 20% bonus does NOT lower your earned rewards.
Giving AssistantYou and I get $5 as a sign-up bonus.This portal is particularly great, because they offer 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases (that are sold by Amazon). No other portal offers this.
UpromiseI get $0-$20 (depending on the day) when you sign-up.Upromise is one of the best portals out there. It takes a while for you to receive your cash back, but it's very reliable.
Portals are a must for all of your online Shopping. If you are interested in learning more about Portals, check out this post.

Earn Points/Miles in Brick and Mortar Stores

Sign Up LinkSign Up BonusNotes
Fuel Rewards NetworkI will get $0.05 off per gallon if you sign up through my linkYou save $0.03 per gallon at Shell and you can earn more money off per gallon by shopping at different retailers.
Rewards NetworkNo Sign Up BonusYou earn points and miles by purchasing meals at participating restaurants.
ShopkickI get 2,000 kicks for every three people that join.Shopkick is a great way to earn some extra money just for walking in stores. You also can earn kicks by scanning products and buying things.
These are the type of programs that you can set and forget. Simply sign up for all of them, add your credit cards and shop as you normally would. The rewards will slowly add up.


Sign Up LinkSign Up BonusNotes
Hotel Tonight (This is an app for your phone)You will earn $25 for signing up and I will earn $25 after you book your first room.Hotel Tonight is a great way to find a hotel tonight, as their name implies. They also offer the hotel rooms at cheaper than normal prices. Use Code JTASMAN when you sign up for the bonus.
Travel PonyYou earn $35 for signing up and I earn $25 after you complete your first stay.This is another travel booking site similar to Kayak and Expedia. They offer discounted hotel rates.
UberWe will both earn $20 after you take your first ride with Uber.Uber provides a great taxi-like service where you can easily pay with your credit card.
Since we all love to travel, these programs will help maximize your traveling experience. They will also, hopefully, save you some money.

Bank Accounts

Sign Up LinkSign Up BonusNotes
Discover CheckingNo Sign Up BonusThis is a great checking account that you can earn rewards with. You earn $0.10 for every check written, debit card transaction, and bill payment.
Capital One 360You will get a $50 Sign Up bonus and I will get a $20 referral bonus.This is a great checking account to have since there are no fees and you can link it to ShareBuilder.
SimpleNo Sign Up BonusSimple combines your checking account and your budget into one convenient account. This link will only work for 10 people.
Lake Michigan Credit UnionNo Sign Up BonusLMCU is my personal bank and I love it because they offer a 3% interest checking account. What's not to love about free money?
You can find out more about these bank accounts here.

Credit Monitoring

Sign Up LinkSign Up BonusNotes
Credit SesameI will earn about $2.50 if you sign up through my link.Monitor your Experian score. Your score is updated once a month.
Credit.comNo Sign Up BonusMonitor your Experian score. Your score is updated once a month.
Credit KarmaNo Sign Up BonusMonitor your TransUnion score. Your score is update once a week.
QuizzleNo Sign Up BonusMonitor your Equifax score. Your score is update once every 6 months.
Credit Monitoring is extremely important in the manufactured spending world. I would highly suggest you sign up for all of these programs. You can learn more about them here.


Sign Up LinkSign Up BonusNotes
Award WalletYou will earn 3 months of their premium version for free. Use code: free-urxsabAwardWallet is my favorite way to keep track of my points and miles. If you would like to find out more about their website, check out this post.
RaiseI get $5 when you spend over $125 in 30 days.Raise is my favorite gift card retailer. You can learn how to maximize your Raise purchases here.
YNABYou get $6 off and a 30 day free trial. I get $6 in commision.YNAB is my favorite way to organize my budget and my manufactured spending. You can learn more about it here.
ParibusYou get 5% off of the Paribus fees. I don't believe I get anything.Paribus is a great program that automatically submits price adjustments for you when the price of an item on Amazon lowers after you purchased it.
These are a few other programs that are great for travel hacking.

Credit Card Referral Links

Sign Up LinkSign Up BonusNotes
Discover ItYou will get $50 and I will get $50Occasionally, Discover runs a better offer than this (e.g. Spend $750 get $150).
Amex SPGYou will get 25,000 points after spending $5,000 in 3 months. I will get 5,000 points.The highest bonus this card offers is 30k. It usually happens in the summer.
Amex Blue Cash EverydayYou will receive $100 after spending $1,000 in 3 months. I will receive $50.I would suggest many other cards over this one. Contact me if you want suggestions.
These are different referral links for popular credit cards. These may not always be the best offers, so please make sure you do your research prior to applying!

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