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How to Use Your $200 American Express Airline Incidental Credit

The American Express Platinum card is by far one of the most perk-filled credit cards available. Yes, it does come with a hefty $450 yearly fee, but if you make use of everything this card has to offer,

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The Happenings and Close-up Pictures of Credit Cards

The Happenings Reselling As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been doing a lot of reselling which has been bittersweet. It’s good, because I’ve been making some extra money, but it’s

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Targeted Amazon Amex Offer

Not to outdo last week’s Costco offer of spend $20 get $20, this week Amazon has a spend $10 get $10 offer courtesy of Amex Offers. This is targeted, so make sure to check the “Amex Offers

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Amex One VIP vs Serve

American Express has been known to release many different prepaid products (i.e. Serve, Bluebird, Prepaid, Campus Edition, ect), so it’s no surprise that they came out with a new one called Serve

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A Look At Loading Serve Online

Serve is my preferred prepaid card, because you can load it online with a credit card/debit card and it has higher limits if you use ISIS. That isn’t to say Bluebird doesn’t have it’s

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