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Miscellaneous Tid Bits (Targeted Offers, AOR, Australia, Staples GC, and 5% Activations)

Is it just me or does summer seen to fly by extremely fast? Yes I know summer doesn’t actually start for 4 more days, but June feels like summer. Anyhow here’s what has happened these past

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$200 Visa Gift Cards at Meijer

The day has finally come, Meijer added $200 Visa, MasterCard, and American Express gift cards to their gift card rack. This is far from revolutionary, but I’m very excited about it since I have

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New American Express Prepaid Card – ONE VIP

It appears that American Express is adding a new prepaid card to their Serve/Bluebird lineup. This one is going to be co-branded with Radio One. Have you ever heard of that company? I sure haven’t,

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New Cards From American Express

Yesterday the travel and manufactured spending blogosphere exploded with information about the new cards from American Express. They are called the American Express Everyday and American Express Everyday

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