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IHG Into the Nights Promotion

The Suckage That Is: Into the Nights

IHG’s Into the Nights promotion has been one of the worst I’ve ever participated in. At first it was all hunky-dory, but that didn’t last long. Just a month after the promo started,

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Beginner’s Guide: Mattress Running

As you know, I recently decided to partake in IHG’s Into the Nights promotion. The only issue was that I didn’t have any planned trips coming up where I could stay at an IHG property and complete

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Into The Nights Incremental Update

As I mentioned before, I decided to participate in IHG’s Into The Nights Promotion. In that post, there were a lot of variables I left to chance. Would my account be closed for using multiple promo

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I Caved. It’s Into the Nights for Me

IHG’s Into the Nights promotion has been covered extensively by points and miles blogger, so there’s a good chance you’ve heard of this promotion by now. If not, the premise of it is

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