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Sites and Tools I Use Regularly

There are a lot of great sites and tools available to us that can make travel, shopping, and many other things much easier. The hard part is finding all of these great resources in the abyss that is the

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8 Ways to Earn Miles without a Credit

8 Ways to Earn Miles without a Credit Card

There isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to earning points, miles, and cash back. In fact, there are so many ways to earn these digital currencies that multiple forums have popped up to help

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A Plethora of Kohl’s Coupons

It seems like every other week Kohl’s is running a new promotion with many stackable coupons. This week is no different, other than the fact that it’s one of their most generous weeks yet. Why?

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Portal Deals and More

It seems like there are new portal deals popping up all over the internet, so if you are in the mood to do some shopping or reselling, now’s the time. Here are all the best current portal deals

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CashBackMonitor May Not Be Perfect

CashBackMonitor chimed in in the comments and let me know that URM rates vary by card. They are working on implementing a way to show what rate each card is, so hopefully that will be happen soon. For

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