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The Future of Vanilla Reloads

I just got back from my local Walgreens where I noticed something different in the gift card rack. Instead of there being a pile of Vanilla Reloads, that no one buys, there was a pile of Vanilla Swipe

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A Look Back at the Manufactured Spending Methods We Lost This Year

Manufactured spending techniques come and go, almost on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean we should simply forget the good times. Some of those techniques were with us through thick and thin,

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The Cost of Points and Miles

When manufactured spending, it’s important to take into account how much you are paying for points and miles. Even though some points/miles are worth more than one cent each, I have a hard time

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The Rules Have Changed

Since the death of vanilla reloads at CVS, we all have had to change our strategies. The one thing to remember, is there’s always a way to manufacture miles and points. These things come and go,

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My Post CVS Manufactured Spending

With the death of our dear vanilla reloads at CVS, the game has completely changed. The worst part about it, is I just closed my Bluebird account in favor of Serve. Because of the new policy, many of us

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