A Few Quick Updates

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Now that I’m adjusting back into my normal schedule, there are a few changes on the horizon. Nothing major, but I figured I’d let you all know anyway.

First, the Deals page is no more. Originally, I used that page to share daily deals, but life got busier and that wasn’t really an option anymore. After that, I posted different deals that I deemed significant enough to post about. The only problem was that those posts didn’t reach very many people. So my plan is to now only post significant deals on the front page of my blog. That way more people will benefit from them.

Second, because I plan on posting deals on the main page of my blog, my posts will be increasing. I don’t want to set a weekly number of posts, but I am going to try to increase my weekly post count.

Finally, to go along with the above information, I am going to start posting about information that gets overly publicized. I know that sounds annoying and pointless, but hear me out. From what I’ve noticed, there’s a large chunk of people who only frequent one or two blogs. That is the only place(s) that they get their information, so I believe it’s my job to make sure they have the most up to date information available.

Also, by “overly publicized” information, I mean information like the recent Evolve Money change and the recent Amazon Payments change. Those two changes were posted by about half of the blogs I read. I will also start posting information about limited time credit card offers. You don’t have to worry about me trying to sell you cards with those posts, because I only have two affiliate links (Discover), so those posts will be completely unbiased.

Anyway, that’s what’s new and what’s changing. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know.

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