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It seems like there are new portal deals popping up all over the internet, so if you are in the mood to do some shopping or reselling, now’s the time.

Here are all the best current portal deals via FrequentMiler. Many of these will likely only be around today, so don’t wait!

In other news, Bing Rewards is offering a free $3 Amazon gift card for new users. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Bing.com. If you’re already a member, go there on an incognito browser.
  2. Search for “amazon”
  3. Click the ad that appears on the bottom of the page. It will be a giant Amazon banner mentioning the free $3 gift card, so it’s hard to miss.
  4. Sign-up for a new Outlook account.
  5. Go to the dashboard of your Rewards account and click on the Amazon offer.
  6. Redeem your 300+ points for the gift card. It will take up to 24 hours to receive the code.

HT: Slickdeals

Finally, in my hunt for an iPhone 6+, I found out that Costco sells them for all the carriers for $20 less than retail. My local Costco stores did not have any in stock, but if you are looking for one, it would be a good place to check.

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