The End of Amazon Payments is Nigh

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Send Payment - Amazon PaymentsThis day has been prophesied since 2010, when Amazon Payments started allowing users to send and receive money from each other. Everyone knew Amazon Payments was too good to be true and that it would be ending soon, but it just kept hanging on for 4 years. It was by far the best manufactured spending method with the underwear factor and I’m sure it will be missed greatly by the whole travel community (and likely by the 6 people who used it as intended).

The End of Amazon Payments

October 13th is the day Amazon Payments shuts its doors on person to person transfers, so make sure you make use of your AP accounts before next Monday.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Amazon Payments is usually considered an online purchase by Discover for their 4th quarter 5% cash back bonus. If you have a Discover card, make sure to take advantage of the 5% cash back with AP.
  • Amazon Payments is usually NOT considered an Amazon purchase by Chase for their 4th quarter 5X points bonus. You can try, but chances are it won’t get you 5X points.
  • Amazon Payments is a very easy way to meet minimum spending requirements, so if you have a card in the mail make sure you use it on AP before Oct 13th.
  • There was always a risk of shut down with Amazon Payments, so it was important to use different bank accounts and credit cards with different accounts. That doesn’t really matter anymore. If you get shut down, oh well, so does everyone else in 7 days. I have three accounts and used the same credit card (trying to hit a $5k minimum spend on it right now), the same bank account, and the same billing address on each one to finish my last $3k worth of Amazon Payments transfers.

Goodbye Amazon Payments. You will be missed…


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