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Earn Points and Miles Without a Credit Card

A more accurate title for this post would be “How to Earn Points and Miles when the Merchant Does Not Accept Credit Cards,” however that is simply too long a title. One example of this would

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How to Use Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is great for Manufactured Spending! They allow you to use a credit card to send a maximum of $1,000 a month for free, which makes it great for hitting minimum spending quotas or for getting

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My First Credit Card Churn

Credit card churning, sometimes called an App-o-Rama, is the process of signing up for multiple credit cards at one time to get each credit card’s sign on bonus. Before I did this churn, I had been

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Use Portals to Maximize Your Cash Back

Portals are the best way to earn extra cash back, points, or miles. It is also a convenient way to double or triple dip your rewards. That is the process of getting a referral percentage on top of your

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Credit Card Reward Percentages

Every credit card offers different rewards. For example, my Citi Dividend card offers 5% cash back at drugstores this quarter which makes it perfect for buying Vanilla Reloads, while my American Express

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