The Multiple Flavors of Vanilla

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When manufactured spending, it is almost guaranteed that you will run into all the different flavors of vanilla. This guide will explain what each type of vanilla is and how you can use it in your manufactured spending routine.




My Vanilla Debit is a prepaid card similar to Bluebird. You load it via Vanilla Reload cards and use different manufactured spending techniques to liquidate the money off of it. This is a very risky prepaid card, since there have been many reports of people’s accounts being shut down. If you are thinking about getting a My Vanilla Debit, this Flyertalk thread has a lot of good information about people’s experiences with the card. You can have 3 cards per social security number and you can load each one with $1,000 a day. My Vanilla Debit cards cost $3.95 to purchase.




The Visa OneVanilla prepaid card is a basically a gift card. They can be bought at most drug stores, gas stations, and grocery stores for a $4.95 fee. These can be then be used as a debit card to buy money orders or for normal spending. What’s nice about these cards is that you don’t have to register a PIN anywhere. You choose the PIN during your first purchase with this card, which is usually the only purchase if you are buying money orders.

Vanilla Visa Gift Card

Visa Vanilla

Vanilla Visa gift cards work the exact same way as the One Vanilla card. They have a $4.95 fee and can be loaded with $20-$500. The only difference with this card is that you have to go online to register a PIN to the card. I prefer the One Vanilla cards simply because you can buy it at a store and immediately buy a money order without having to register a PIN online.

Vanilla Reload



If you have not already seen my posts on Vanilla Reloads, they are basically the magical gems of the MS world. They have a very low fee of $3.95 and can be used to load many prepaid cards including Bluebird, MyVanillaDebit, and many more. About the only store that allows you to purchase them with a credit card is CVS. If you cannot find them at your local CVS, check out my tips for finding Vanilla Reloads!

If you are new to manufactured spending, make sure you know which Vanilla you are buying. I hope this guide clears up the differences between the Vanilla cards.

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