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Amex Offers

Amex Sync Terms

What are Amex Sync Offers?
Amex Sync Offers are coupons and discounts offered by American Express that give you either a percentage off or cash back, in the form of a statement credit, for hitting certain spending requirements. Those offers are commonly in the form of, “spend $XX at STORE get $XX back”.

What Cards are Eligible?
Most American Express cards are eligible, but not all. Here is what Amex’s terms say:

“Only a valid American Express Consumer Card, a Business Card from American Express OPEN issued in the US by AXP or a licensed third-party bank licensed to issue AXP-branded Cards, or an American Express Serve Card are eligible for registration. Please note: American Express Serve Cards are only eligible for the programs on the Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter platforms. The following cards are not eligible: American Express prepaid cards without the Serve logo (not including Riot Games and Zynga co-branded cards)(such as Bluebird); and corporate cards.”

  • Examples of eligible cards: Serve, Blue Cash Preferred, Delta Gold, SPG, Everday Preferred…
  • Examples of ineligible cards: Bluebird, Corporate Cards, Zynga Cards…

How do I Sign-Up?
There are a few different ways to sign-up for Amex Sync Offers:

  • Amex Account PageLogin to see the offers available for your account. Simply, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Offers For You”.
  • Facebook – You can sync one card per Facebook account here. Once you sync the card, you can select offers on that link.
  • Twitter – Just Like Facebook, you can only sync one card per Twitter account here. American Express’ Twitter account will tweet new offers. All you need to do is tweet them the hashtag required for the offer to get it on your account.
  • FourSquare – Again, just like the above two, Foursquare allows you to sync one card per account here. Getting the offers is a little different, though. You need to go on the mobile app, select Browse then Specials. That will bring up a list of local merchant deals avaialble.
  • TripAdvisor – You know the drill, one card per account here. Sign-up and sync your card. Once that is done, you can select your offers on the link above.

Do all the Offers Show up on my Account?
No. Some offers only show up on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a good idea to have a card synced with Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, and TripAdviser so you can make sure to get every offer.

Is it Possible to Add the Same Offer to Multiple Cards?
Yes, but since some offers are targeted via Facebook or Twitter, you may need multiple accounts to add the offers to your cards. This is not always the case, though. Some times the offers will appear on all your cards when you login to Amex’s website.

Is it Possible to Redeem an Offer Multiple Times on One Card?
No. Each unique offer may be added only once per card. However, some retailers have different offers live at the same time. In these circumstances, each is treated as a unique offer and therefore may be added together. Also, while most offers are one-time-use, select offers explicitly note that they may be redeemed multiple times. Such offers are still unique and may be added only once, but they may be redeemed repeatedly and a new credit or discount will apply each time.

Do Authorized User Cards Qualify?
Yes, you can get add offers on AU cards and primary cards. For Example, you can have 4 authorized users per Serve account. So, you could technically get 5 of the same offer per Serve account.

How do I Verify That an Offer has Been Added to my Card?
Login to your Amex account and click the “Offers For You” tab. All available offers will be under, “Offers Available For Card XXXX”. All offers that have already been added, will be under “My Offers”. Any redeemed savings will appear under “My Savings”.

Do I Have to Hit the Spending Requirement in One go, or can it be Over Time?
Almost all the spending requirements need to be hit in one order. Very few offers are cumulative, but a select few are. Read the terms of the offer, to be sure.

What Happens if I Return an Order I Used an Offer for?
If the charge drops below the spending requirement, then the credit will be reversed. For offers that count cumulative charges, the credit can still be obtained. All you need to do is hit the spending requirement before the expiration date.

Do Taxes and Shipping Charges Count Towards the Total?
Yes, everything counts. As long as there is a single charge that meets the spending requirement, you will get the credit.

Do Gift Cards Count?
Sometimes. Certain offers specifically exclude gift cards, or types of gift cards (e.g. electronic gift cards). Make sure to read the terms of the offer, to see if gift cards qualify.

Are Coupon Codes Allowed?
Yes, as long as the total is still more than the spending requirement and you use your Amex card.

May I use Plink, Portals, OPEN, or ShopRunner?
Yes, that is the best way to get a great deal! Stack as many of those as possible, with coupons and you will get the best possible deal.

When do Offers Expire?
Every offer has an expiration date in the terms and service. You can check this by logging into your Amex account. All offers have quotas, though. So, it’s important to register early, just in case the quote is hit early on. For example, Most Staples offers hit their quotas, long before they expire.

How Will I Know if I’ve Successfully Redeemed an Offer?
You will receive a confirmation email, usually within minutes. Then after a few days, the offer will move from “My Offers” to “My Savings” on your Amex account. It can take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks to have the credit appear on your account. If it never posts, try contacting Amex through their online chat system.

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