A Look At Loading Serve Online

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amex-serve-cardServe is my preferred prepaid card, because you can load it online with a credit card/debit card and it has higher limits if you use ISIS. That isn’t to say Bluebird doesn’t have it’s own perks (i.e. checks), but it’s nice to get an extra few thousand dollars of manufactured spending done in a month.

There are two common things people don’t realize about serve.

First, (this applies to Bluebird also) they don’t always use the online debit card load function, because you can’t use prepaid cards as “debit cards”. The fact is, those people are missing out on $10+ a month! That’s not a lot of money, but $120+ per year never hurts. Check out this post to see what debit cards can be used to load online.

Second, many people that use more than one Serve card don’t take advantage of online credit card loads when the card is not in their name. It’s true, you cannot use a card as an authorized user to load Serve Online, but you can use an employee card on a business account. For example, I have a Serve account for myself, my wife, and my dad. On my account and my wife’s account we use our own personal cards to load online, but on my dad’s Serve account we use his employee card from my wife’s Ink Bold (business card).

Note: The business address and the Serve account’s address need to be the same for this to work.

If you have access to another person’s Serve account and they don’t care about points/miles, add them as an employee on your business account and load away!

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