5 Ways to Make a Quick Buck

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Quick CashThis post is by no means a get rich quick scheme, but it’s a collection of easy ways to make some extra money.

As a disclaimer, I may be compensated for some of the methods mentioned below. Thank you for the support!

1. Square Cash

Let’s start small. Square Cash is an easy way to send and receive money from friends and family members. It’s completely free to use and all you need is an email address. Right now, if you sign-up for Square Cash they’ll send $1 to your bank account. Yeah I know, $1. That won’t buy much, but the sign-up process takes less than 5 minutes.

2. Capital One 360

Capital One 360 is a free online checking account that currently has a $50 sign-up bonus. I really like Capital One 360, as I mentioned in this post, because your account earns interest (0.20% APY), has zero fees, and gives you free checks. I also really like the free $50. There isn’t a credit check when opening this account.

3. Rebates

Rebates are an easy way to get credit card spend and often make money. Take the Paypal reader deals, for example. You could easily make $9 from that deal and have some extra spend on your credit card. Here is a list of current FAR items.

4. Serve

There are two easy ways to make money with Serve. The first way is to sign-up for Serve through ISIS. By doing that you get a $25 credit automatically added to your account. That only works if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer. The next method works for everyone. You can earn an easy $50 on Serve by direct depositing $250+ twice.

5. MTurk

Amazon has a service called Mechanical Turk where you can make money by completing simple tasks. Most of these tasks take less than five minutes and can earn you anywhere from $0.01 to $10+ per turk. Check out r/hitsworthturkingfor to find well-paying turks, so you don’t waste your time with low paying turks.

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