I Caved. It’s Into the Nights for Me

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IHG Into the Nights PromotionIHG’s Into the Nights promotion has been covered extensively by points and miles blogger, so there’s a good chance you’ve heard of this promotion by now. If not, the premise of it is simple; You earn points for completing tasks. These tasks can range from booking a few nights at certain IHG branded hotels, to taking a survey, to completing multiple stays. The tasks vary from account to account and it seems like newer accounts have easier requirements.

Originally, I was on the fence about participating in the promotion for a few reasons. First, I don’t have status with IHG, because I don’t stay there or have their credit card. Second, I didn’t see an IHG hotel stay in my future. And finally, I didn’t feel like spending $300 on a mattress run. However, after a few weeks of contemplating my participation I started to realize that this was a great promotion worth doing.

I don’t need status with IHG to stay there, especially if I do a mattress run. Also, by the time I use my free nights or points I’ll have the IHG card, because it’s going to be part of my next AOR. As far as using the free nights or points, I don’t have an immediate need for them, but I will include an IHG hotel in our next summer vacation. The $300 fee is unavoidable, but I did find a possible Best Rate Guarantee claim which could cut that fee down. So, Into the Nights you ask? Yes.

The Offers

My offers were weak to the point of not worth doing, because it would have required a minimum of four nights. To give a little background, I’ve had this account for about a year and I’ve had two award stays at a Holiday Inn.

Into the Nights Promotion IHGMy wife’s account is much newer than mine. In fact, it was only a few weeks old by the time the Into the Nights promotion started. I think that played a huge role in her offers, because from what I’ve heard, the offers she received are the best offers you can get.

IHG Into the Nights Promotion

As you can see these goals can be accomplished in as little as 3 nights, which is exactly what I’ll do. This whole process will be an experiment, because the reason I made my wife’s account was to test the new stranglehold IHG is putting on promotional codes. By that I mean, I entered every possible promotional code I could find onto my wife’s account. So, the first stay we do will likely earn us a large amount of IHG points or earn us nothing and it will be all for naught. For the good of the points and miles world, I’m willing to take that chance!

The Hotel

Since I need two stays at a Holiday Inn and two stays on a Saturday, I found a Holiday Inn that was only $84 on most Saturdays. After taxes it was about $99, but we’ll call it $100 for simplicities sake. Fortunately, after booking that room I found a cheaper rate on Amex Travel, which I submitted a Best Rate Guarantee for to make the risk a little less risky. If the BRG gets approved it will make that night free, which would cut down my costs by a third (assuming this experiment works out).

My Expectations

It seems as though there are more and more reports of shut downs, so I have a feeling my wife’s account will be shut down after our first stay due to all the promotions we applied. However, I’m more than happy to be wrong about this, because I love free points!

Is anyone else participating in the Into the Nights promotion or does anyone have recent experience applying promotions to their account and completing a stay? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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