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Because it's Cold

“Because It’s Cold.”

These past few weeks have been nasty up here in Michigan. It’s been snowy, cold, and just unpleasant. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the snow, in fact, I find snowfall to be pleasant

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IHG Into the Nights Promotion

The Suckage That Is: Into the Nights

IHG’s Into the Nights promotion has been one of the worst I’ve ever participated in. At first it was all hunky-dory, but that didn’t last long. Just a month after the promo started,

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Should You Manufacture Spend?

With multiple “low-hanging fruits” available to manufacture spend with, an increasing number of beginners are jumping into the game without asking the simple question of, “Should I?”

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What makes Spending Manufactured?

What Makes Spending Manufactured?

The phrase “manufactured spending” gets thrown around a lot in the world of travel hacking, but what does it really mean? That question may sound like we’re about to have a psychological

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