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Rebates are great for making a little money and getting free stuff. I commonly participate in them, because they help my manufactured spending! For example, if there is a $15 item with a $15 rebate at a store I get 5X points at, I will get 75 points and an item I probably didn’t need for only $0.90 (tax). That equates to about 1.2 cents per point, which is not a good return at all, but if I sell the item for even $1, it’s a money/point maker.

As you know, Staples is my favorite store, especially since I have an Ink Bold. They get even more amazing, because they commonly have FAR (free after rebate) items. Most of the time you can purchase more than one FAR item per account, so the money and points can really add up. For example, a couple of weeks ago, they had a 5-Ream case of paper as a FAR item. The limit was 4 per household and they cost $16. So, 4 would come out to $64 + tax. I used a $10 off $50 coupon for that purchase bringing the total to $54 + tax = $57.24.

I could have kept the paper and still made $6.76 from that purchase + 286 UR points by using my Ink Bold (that is a quite a deal for a FAR item!) But, I did not need 10,000 sheets of paper. In fact, I rarely use paper at all. So, I sold the reams at $1.75 each.

My profit ended up being $6.76 + $35 = $41.76 + 286 UR Points.

Newegg and TigerDirect usually have some great FAR items as well. The best they usually offer are their Total Defense rebates. I’ve talked about this a few times, but it’s worth talking about again. Every month, Newegg and TigerDirect have many different Total Defense rebates available. You can only submit one TD rebate per website per household. So, you can do two a month.

The best part about these rebates, is there are regularly money makers. For example, during March I bought a Total Defense bundle for $45 that included the Total Defense Software and a surge protector. I sold the surge protector for $10 after fees which ends up being a $25 money maker + 45 UR points + 5% cash back ($2.25) via ShopDiscover.


Total Defense Bundle – Free After Rebate

Total Defense rebates are the best rebates these sites offer, however, they are not the only ones. Tiger Direct Currently has FAR Paypal readers for sale ($15 rebate). Occasionally, they even dip below $15, so they are easy money makers. They also offer other FAR items such as backpacks, Blu-Ray discs, and much more. The trick is to watch for the deals and jump on them! Here is a mouse that is currently FAR, if you want to start buying FAR items.

Stealth Mouse

Newegg’s Total Defense April Rebates
TigerDirect’s Total Defense April Rebates

There are other retailers that offer FAR items as well, but not as frequently as the stores above. Adorama has a Canon printer that is $398, but comes with a $300 rebate. That is not free, but it is very close. I got this deal when it was $340 for the printer. I then sold it for about $196 (after fees), which ended up netting me a hefty profit. Again, these deals show up all the time, the trick is to watch for them.


  • Rebates usually come in the form of a gift card. Unfortunately, these gift cards do not have PINs, so you will not be able to load Bluebird with them. My suggestion would be to cash them out with Amazon Payments.
  • Always scan every document you send in for the rebate. There is always a chance the rebate company will deny your rebate request, so make sure to keep the proof that you had everything needed.

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