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Purrfect Pixel
It seems blogs are starting to run in the family, because Pixel just started one of his own. You can check it out over at PurrfectPixel.com. This blog is everything Pixel.You can expect to find rants, adventures, and reviews all written by my adorable cat. Enjoy.

CVS Troubles
On Wednesday I went to CVS, as I usually do, to grab some OneVanillas. Unfortunately, the cashier working was very uninformed. He refused to sell me OVs if I was paying with a credit card. I insisted that those can be bought with a credit card and that I’ve done it multiple times, however, he wouldn’t budge. So, I put them back on the shelf and left.

i wasn’t going to go home with out a few OneVanillas, so I drove off to another local CVS that I have had no issues buying OVs at. As always, they sold me six with no problems. That’s now two CVS stores that have strict cash only policies for their gift cards, even though we all know they can be purchased with credit cards.

That doesn’t mean I’ll give up, though. I plan to check those CVS stores once a month or more to see if the cashier makes a difference. My hope is it does, because those are closer to my house.

My First SAR
On that same CVS run, I stopped at Family Fare to grab four Paypal Cash cards. When I took them up to the cash register, the cashier had to call his manager, who had to call her manager – It was a mess. Apparently, they just changed their policy and are required to fill out SAR forms for any gift card order over $500. After about 15 minutes of waiting and 5 phone calls, they finally figured out the new policy process. They had me fill out my name, address, and social security number on this form. I really don’t think I was supposed to know about the SAR form, but whatever. On the plus side, they gave me a $10 gift card for having to wait so long.

Why I’m Not Worried About It
Frankly, I’m not concerned that they filled out an SAR on me. Here’s

  • I can now buy as many gift cards as I want without having to fill anything else out.
  • I have nothing to hide in my finances and I keep all my receipts.
  • From what I’ve read, SARs that are filed on credit card purchases take a much lower priority than SARs filed on cash purchases. That’s because money launderers use cash, not cards, since cards are traceable.

So if you shop at Family Fare for gift cards, be aware of their new policy.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone! See you on Tuesday.

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