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What to Do with 100,000 Membership Rewards Points

Since I only get two weeks of vacation a year, I don’t travel near as much as I’d like to. That being said, I try to plan at least one big vacation per year to take advantage of those two

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The Cost of a Weekend of Denver

The Cost of a Weekend Trip to Denver

Last week, I went over the fun, probably more exciting, trip report of our recent weekend in Denver. Today, I’ll be covering just how much that trip cost us, in miles, points, and cash. I know numbers

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The American Airlines And US Airways Merger

I just received an interesting letter in the mail from Barclaycard regarding their US Airways card. As you’ve probably heard, US Airways and American Airlines are merging. During this process, people

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Finding Flights Without Points

Even with all the manufactured spending methods available, it’s likely you will still have to pay for one or two flights at some point in time. Whether you are booking a flight for a friend who

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