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Right now Paypal is offering a $15 rebate when you buy one of their credit card readers for $15. You can find these at most stores such as, Best Buy, Staples, TigerDirect, and Newegg. I chose to buy mine at my local Staples since I get 5X points with my Ink Bold Card. You can only get 3 rebates per US Paypal account, but I have three accounts between my wife and I so I bought 9. I then sold these on eBay for $4.95 each.

Profit = Cost – (Rebate + Sales – eBay Fees)

Cost: 9 (readers) x $15 = $135
Rebate: $135
eBay Sales: $44.55
eBay Fees: ~$6.68
Points Earned: 135 x 5 = 675 UR Points

Profit: $37.87 and 675 UR Points

All of this takes less than an hour if you Staples is within a 15 minute drive, so it’s a great deal! This is what they look like when you open them:



  • You can only apply 3 rebates per US Paypal account. If you try to apply more, the extra rebates will be voided.
  • Make sure that the Paypal reader packaging is not open when you buy it, otherwise someone might have used the rebate already.
  • If you need to process credit cards, Paypal is actually a very good option since you can use it anywhere and it only costs 2.7%.
  • If you buy your readers online, make sure to go through a portal to maximize your cash back! You can use my ShopAtHome referral for 7% cash back on the Sign Up Links page.
  • The $15 rebate is immediately applied to your account when you type in the code.
  • You can use two different Paypal accounts that are tied to the same address. (I used three)

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